Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stage make-up - Fida

31 July 2010
Fashion Show Walkway - Hiyoo Bazar
Dewan MBSM, Shah Alam
Model: Fida
Make-up by: Dhiya Syazana

She's so sweet... Sgt tak cerewet n ez working with her. Solekan pada mata diberikan sentuhan yg anggun dan glamor. I did smokey eye for her; with the combination of black, brown & purple eye shadow colours. Blusher dolly pink & lipstick red pink tone.

Mcm Marsha Londoh ke?
Fida in Aina's cotton kurung colletions and Leenz's tudung colletions.

Blouse by Trendy Vogue Collection.
Tudung by Leenz Blogshop.

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